Jace 6 months old // Baby

I really cannot believe that 6 months ago this bubbly guy was a newborn.
Do you remember his newborn shoot on this same exact couch?!
Holy s*** does time fly!

Really, my love for him grows more and more each day.

He has one bottom tooth that just poked through, while the other is juuussst about there.
He loves banana’s. Hate carrots.
He has thunder thighs that I munch whenever he’s in my arms.
He’s trying so hard to crawl.
He just about sits up.
He rolls all over the place.
Eats his feet non-stop.
And he kicks his legs so fast when he’s excited.

His big brother loves him so much, he’s constantly snuggling and talk so sweetly to him.

Auntie loves you boys so much!