Chamberland Family // Cooking with Love

Alright. So, this is my absolute favorite thing to photograph right here.
Yup. This.
Families gathering around in the kitchen helping one another cook or bake a meal.
Little kids helping with their little fingers. Sneaking little tastes of bacon. Copying what daddy is doing.
Since they cracked an egg with daddy and scrambled them, they think they’re the most important piece in the kitchen.
Which they absolutely are!
Seeing children so confident and satisfied with themselves because they helped mommy and daddy in the kitchen really makes my heart skip a beat.
That moment for them is the biggest moment of the day.

This is what I love to do. And I have big plans for it.
I am reaching out to all the families who love doing this.
You are special to me, I love what you do and encourage it.

For now, I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Let them tell the story.

Look who is up and hungry! The final product; Farm Fresh Omelet’s with bacon, green peppers, caramelized onions, and cheese. With a side of organic fruit salad. Yummy yummy.