MotherAmandawith baby Abigael

What was your childhood like?

I am the first of four children in my family. I loved being the oldest sibling. As a young kid I bossed my sister around and she actually listened. She was my best friend and enemy. As we got into our adolescent years the latter seemed to dominate. My parents both ran their own businesses and taught us the importance of strong work ethic. When I was about 11 years old my parents decided to get divorced. They did a phenomenal job keeping everything amicable. Shortly after the divorce my parents both remarried. My dad asked all three of us kids if we would be okay with him marrying my stepmom. We were unanimous in our decision. My stepmom said yes to marrying a man with two adolescent daughters and a young son. My stepmom and I had some typical ups and downs throughout my teenage years. Overall she was incredibly supportive and became more than just my stepmom. When I was sixteen my stepmom and dad had my little sister Baylee. I definitely was not crazy about the idea at first. However, by the end of the pregnancy I was so excited and as soon as we saw Baylee Booger Boo all of us were a little obsessed. My siblings mean the world to me and entirely made my childhood.

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What pieces in Abigael’s room do they love most?

I love the paintings made by Karri. I also love the light/wardrobe that Jack built. We also recently added a centerpiece from my best friend’s wedding.

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What was idea behind Abigael’s room?

I just wanted a space that was beautiful and relaxing. Jack wanted the room to be unique with artwork from people we know.

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Do you have a mother role model you look up to in your family or friend?

I have a lot of mother role models. My stepmom chose to marry a man with three children. Even though it has not always been easy for her she shows us all so much love and support. My sister Ashley is an incredible role model for the type of mom I want to be. My sister started her first teaching job, got married and had an infant. She now has finished her masters while working full time and being an amazing mother. It always impresses me to see her handle three year old tantrums and then be able to turn and laugh with me. I have many role models on Jack’s side of the family as well. Jack’s mom started her education and career while raising five children. Jack’s sisters have both committed their time to staying home full time with their children. I am surrounded by strong women, strong mommies!

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What is it about your child that you want to remember at this very moment?
I want to remember the way she looks at me with her beautiful blue eyes.

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How was your relationship with your husband before your baby?

Jack and I have been together for so long that we’ve developed a great partnership. We support each other. I also just love spending time with him. We share a lot of common interests, mainly related to food. Everything is better when Jack is around.

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How is it post baby?

I think the same except seeing him with Abigael makes me fall more in love with him. Like everything in our life we are taking the team approach to caring for Abigael. It seems to be working well so far.

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What was the biggest surprise to you about having a child?

I think the immediate, overwhelming love I feel for this person I barely know.


What do you guys miss about being just the two of you?

Nothing yet but it’s only been 9 days.

What do you love now with the 3 of you?

Everything! Morning snuggles are the best.

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What it is that you want them to remember you?

I want Abigael to remember how happy both Jack and myself were to have her in our lives. I want her to know how much we supported each other during this time and that we made a great team.

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When was the moment that you decided that you wanted to become a mother? Do you remember?

Jack and I have always wanted children but struggled with deciding when the timing would be right. After a lot of discussion and consideration we realized there would never be a perfect time. I surprised Jack with a birthday trip to Paris to finish off an incredible fall season. During the vacation we decided we were ready to try to have a baby. We realized we had an amazing life together and we were ready to share this life with a child. About two weeks after the vacation we were thrilled to find out we were expecting!

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The moment you found out you were pregnant- what were your feelings? Where were you?

I was feeling sick at work so I went to the emergency room and took a pregnancy test. I was absolutely shocked that it was already positive.

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How did you tell your husband?

I had 12 hours left of my shift and could not hold back from calling Jack. I am the worst at waiting on surprises. I told him I thought I might be pregnant because the test “might” be positive. He replied I don’t think you can get a false positive so your pregnant. Then he awkwardly said “Congratulations”! Which made me laugh. The next morning when he picked me up at the hospital we bought another test and I took it at home. It was of course still positive! We were very excited!!


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What is love to you?

Love is that feeling of excitement to spend time with someone. That feeling that you would give up a part of yourself for their happiness.