MotherSarahwith baby Nora

“Sweet Nora May….you are now nearly 3 years old and I still often look at you and can.not.believe that I (and your daddy!) are responsible for making such an incredible little person. Your spunky personality, your way with words (more so than any nearly 3 year old I’ve ever met), your sweet kind heart, and your inquisitive mind (the questions that come out of your mouth blow me away)….they make my heart sing on a daily basis. There is a part of me that can’t wait to see what all that spunk and fire will do for you- the experiences you will have, the adventures that await, and the personal and professional success that is sure to come from it all. And then, there is a much larger part of me that wants to hold on tight and never let go of these precious days. The joy I receive from just watching you grow and learn and explore is immeasurable. 

These photos, and these memories, of you and I and a field of sunflowers on a midsummer’s night will surely help me to hold on tight. As we await the arrival of your little brother, I wonder how life will change for our little family- you, me, daddy, and your beloved puppy dog, Mona.  It’s hard to imagine loving another as much as I love you. But then- “they” say it will just happen naturally. My heart will open up some more and I will have room to love two beautiful little people. How lucky am I?

And you know what else?!?!

There is this other AMAZING person in your life. She started out as my mom, and the mom to your three aunties, and before you knew it- she became a 2nd mama to you. Your Marme. She taught me all I need to know about being a good mama, a good wife, a good friend, and an all around good person. She is the hardest working lady I will ever know and someone I will always strive to exemplify in my life. And you, sweet girl. I think you are already wise beyond your years because you are around that strong life example almost daily (how lucky are you to live so close to your Marme?! Your cousins are so jealous!) Soak in all that she has to offer you, Nora May. Some day, something I struggle to even think about, she will not be here with us. Take all her gifts and hold them close, she loves you so…..”




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