Mama Mini Sessions

Okay guys- these sessions were so amazing I was totally on a happy high for one straight week. Bringing mama’s together, making them feel so beautiful and loved and capturing them with their little cubs is the equivalent to eating an ice cream sundae with extra fudge and fries on the side for dipping. I truly could not have made it as magical as it was if it wasn’t for my girls over at Upstyle for doing the mama’s hair & makeup, K.L.W Design Co. for the jaw dropping flower crowns and Theresa Nast for the tulle skirt that mama Carissa so graciously wore.

I can’t wait to hold mama mini sessions again! I’m poking at the thought of possibly doing them again this summer when the roses are in bloom at Elizabeth Park…..what do you think?!

And a special shout out to all the papa’s who supported their wives on this special day- you guys are rockstars!

Crack open your window and have the spring air fill the room, sit down, play your favorite soothing playlist and enjoy these pretty little moments of Mother and Child. xo

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