Amanda MotherhoodHalf Session

While you are scrolling through this post you may feel like you’re having deja vu, butttt you aren’t. I photographed this sweet mama and baby when Abigael was just three days old! My first session with them was a full Motherhood Session. A full Motherhood Session is when I blend into your world and spend half the day with Mother and child capturing their everyday beautiful life. After the session I interview the mama and compile the photographs and quotes from our interview and present it as “My Motherhood Story”.

This session that I am posting today is a little bit different from my full Motherhood Sessions. I spent an hour with Abigail and Amanda at a park while the sun was setting capturing beautiful portraits of the two of them. Amanda’s husband tagged along and we snuck in some family photographs too. Mama’s I get this question a lot, “Can my husband be apart of the session too?” Of course he can!! He is just as much apart of your motherhood journey as your kiddos.  Just, you and your children are my main focus during the session so your hubs can hang out, maybe mow the lawn, drink a beer, aka no picture stress for him aka music to his ears haha! Unless you’re like my guy who doesn’t mind photographs. :)

So, what I am trying to get at, is I am now offering Motherhood Half Sessions throughout the year. These half sessions include a one hour session before sunset at Elizabeth Park in West Hartford. Or, if you aren’t local, I’ll do my research and find a pretty field, lake, beach or mountain where the sun is glowing. The book is not included for this session however, it is available for purchase afterward. I’m super excited to be offering this to my mama’s especially to my repeat mama’s! If you have any questions or would like to book a session please email me at

Side note: Motherhood Half Sessions are not the same as my Motherhood Mini Sessions. I will still have my Mini Sessions in the spring with the hair, makeup and flower crowns! xo

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