I miss you

Hey mama’s! Wowza’s long time no talk, sorry for the radio silence! It has been a crazy 8 months!

We sold our first home and moved into, one of our many, dreams home in the perfect little town. Our new house is a 1941 colonial and everything in it was original, which makes it charming but a pain in the ass to update. We purchased the home on January 9 and ever since the keys were handed to us, Angelo, my fiancé, was there every single night working on it. I would bring him food, water maybe even annoy him a bit with my dance moves and begging for his attention because his life was; work, house work, come home to my parents (where we lived for 3.5 months) at 10:00pm pop a beer open, snooze away, repeat.

So many moving part have happened in just 8 short months for me (us). The emotions of selling your first house with your love, the house where we become adults, the house where our relationship blossomed into something deeper and more meaningful (he proposed!) the house where we welcomed our little Miss Layla bean (she’s a dog, but damn do we love her like a human).

To finding a new home and having our hearts break 4 times, yup. We found 4 homes that we loved, we would go through the whole process, place an offer, get it inspected…. Every inspection would fail. We were getting frustrated and we started to lose hope. At this point we were living with my parents for 3 weeks without a new house in place. But then we found the most perfect house, in a dream neighborhood, that was on the market for 11 days. It looked like a cute gingerbread house on the outside but man, when you walk in it totally takes your breath away! The floor plan was perfect, so much old charm and best of all, so much potential.

I plan to write a whole post on our new home and all the work we did with the small budget that we had, with before and after photos of course because that’s so exciting.

While moving, living at my parents, renovating our new home we were also planning a wedding. Yes! We’re getting married this August and my gosh I cannot wait for that month to roll around because May-July…..is making my chest tight with all that is going on.

I’m going to *try* and start posting on the blog/write a newsletters each month, both about personal life happenings and helpful/useful tips you may want to know about my Motherhood Storybook sessions, I’ll feature a new mama each month, whom I adore / look up to.

*I say try because between May-July there will be 33 shoots, my bridal shower, bachelorette weekend and friends visiting from afar not to mention trying to set up and finish our house. So! I will try my hardest to write whenever I’m feeling inspired (like this morning). But what I’ve learned is that everyone lives a busy, stressful life and it’s all about how you manage your stress and time. Once you accept that, you feel better, you feel more motivated to get shit done and you learn to take deep breaths and live. You can’t wait for the perfect moment to enjoy life, you betta enjoy that shit everyday! Even if it’s just a walk around the neighborhood to smell the flowers or a coffee date on the beach with a friend.*

If you made it this far, hi, thank you for reading and I love you.

Important notes;
For 2017 there are only FIVE spots availble for the rest of the year and that is in the fall.
I’m planning my 2018 travel schedule, where should I go, mamas, where are you?! Let me know!

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 10.04.27 AM
our new home! (iPhone snap)