Out of the Officea personal post by Victoria Gloria

Hey mama’s!

Today is my last day I’m in the office until September 5th, I can’t remember the last time I took this much time off in the past 6 years of running my business. No sessions, no emails, no blogging and maybe even no Instagram until September 5th. To tell you the truth, I am so pumped about it and a tiny bit nervous. Will I lose Instagram followers? Def. But I’ve already come to terms that if I have a full book of business than a big Instagram following isn’t a big deal! BUT my dream is to have every single mama on this planet and beyond (imagine space motherhood sessions?) to have one of my Motherhood Storybooks, and with a bigger following I have more reach to more mamas………..oh the Instagram rabbit hole.

On January 1st, 2017 I made a pact with Angelo (soon-to-be-husband!) that we were going to be a bit more selfish and put ourselves first for the year 2017. The day I opened my business I worked non-stop; I would miss family parties (still bitter I missed my nephew’s first birthday) I would work on most weekends as my girlfriends were out dancing the night away, I would work late nights, I picked up bad habits such as missing workouts, missing meals because I would rather be blogging, answering emails, making new business plans and so on…

This year was the first year I dedicated true business hours, 9-5 Monday-Friday and if I had a shoot on Saturday I would take a half day on Friday. I started cooking and eating healthy again, go for walks with Layla everyday, I made plans with girlfriends, I bought things that made me happy….and I feel so good! But there is a little part of me that feels guilty. I have the biggest dreams and the biggest goals for My Motherhood Storybooks and I am so excited to be making those dreams come true when I come back in the office on September 5th. I know I’ve been talking about these “big dreams and goals” for the last 8 months but I know how much time and energy goes into each and it just wouldn’t have worked out smoothly if I jumped the gun and did them anyway. AH! I am so tempted to tell you all of my plans RIGHT NOW! 😉

First thing on the list? Plan my 2018 travel schedule! You can help me start planning by emailing me where I should plan to go! (victoria@victoriagloria.com) I’ll travel to the states that have the most demand, I am SO excited!

Also a quick virtual hug to the mamas who have been supporting me and my wild dreams. Thank you for believing in me and my books, it truly means so much!

And now I am signing off to marry the dreamiest man. You can follow along on my personal adventures these next couple of weeks via my personal Instagram by giving me a follow here.

Here are some of my favorite photos from our engagement session last summer with Ashley Caroline!

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