New Mother Meredith with 12 Day Old Daughter, EttaConnecticut

Yesterday was a yummy day, I hung out with baby Etta and her mama, Meredith. I held Etta for a little bit, heard her sweet little noises and chatted with her mama all things Motherhood. Meredith’s Motherhood Story, from conceiving to giving birth, is an inspirational one. Maybe she’ll share it with you all here someday!

I haven’t documented a newborn session in months, and ugh I miss them! Luckily I have one tomorrow and another one in a couple of weeks!

For Etta’s newborn session we did a one hour portrait session. My portrait sessions are more fine art, articulated sessions which I love! These session are the photographs you would place in picture frames and decorate your house with them. With the crisp, soft, white background they would look perfect in the nursery.

The other option is a 3 hour Motherhood Story Session. This style session is very personal because I will be documenting every single thing. Even your dirty dishes.  I’m there for 3 hours telling your story honestly through photographs, the moments where you’re sweating, nervous and trying everything you can to calm your baby down. Blanket, boob, new diaper, rocking, singing….These photographs are beautiful to have in a photo album, or in a box. I mean! You can totally print them and frame them too! But my focus isn’t so much on styling and setting the perfect scene it’s more following you around and having you lead the session. Oh and in the end you receive your Motherhood Storybook.

If you’re wondering what session to book for your newborn, this is a perfect example of my one hour portrait session. <3

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