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 I believe in pushing the pause button
and appreciating the small things in life like;

The big smile on their face when they’re standing in their crib after waking up from a nap,
or hearing them giggle when you blow raspberries on their tummy.

Gently resting your hand on their back while they sleep to feel their little lungs breathe,
or to trace their fat rolls with your fingertips.

To chuckle at the sight of your child’s tongue out while they concentrate on their drawing,
or admiring the way they neatly line up their Matchbox cars.

Listening to them sing along to their favorite songs in the car like no ones listening,
or to wake up in the morning to hear them talking to themselves in bed.

Life is stressful and hectic for all Mothers. 
Sometimes it feels like theres never enough time for yourself. 

The lack of sleep.
Getting up in the middle of the night to feed not once, not twice but three times.
Checking in on them to make sure they aren’t cold or that the pillow isn’t over their head.
Staying up late to bake cookies that you promised for the bake sale tomorrow.

The stress of holding a sick child who’s forehead is as hot as an iron.
To place a cold wash cloth on their head and rock them to sleep.
Hoping their immune system goes to work soon.
Because that is all we can do.

Why do we do all of this?
Because it’s all worth it.

Because small moments are the moments that truly matter.
The small things that make them different from every other kid.
The things they do that help you see the world a little more clearly.
Hearing them say a soft “I love you”
And knowing that there’s no one else in the world they love more than you.
Because time goes by too fast.
And before long you’ll be standing in a crowd of parents like you
With tears welled up in your eyes watching them graduate from college.

It is sometimes tough to slow down and reflect on who you are as a Mother.
To appreciate the joy and beauty in this time in your life.
But I’m here to help. I’m here to help you press the pause button.
To help you reflect on this incredible journey of Motherhood.
And to help capture these moments and preserve them forever.
To help you get out of bed in the morning when you’ve had too little sleep.
Or help you breathe when you feel there’s too much to do.
To tell you no matter how hard it is sometimes that you’re doing a great job.

Because your story as a Mother is important.

How do my Session’s Run?

I use this site to preserve the stories of Mothers just like you. I tell stories about the families I meet.
These stories can be short and sweet and sometimes make your heartache.

We hang out all day talking about your motherhood story in-between feedings and playtime.
We sit down with your gang. Count toes. Tell stories. Read books. Build castles.
And whenever we find a quiet moment to sit down together with our hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea we will chat some more.
Motherhood is an incredible gift. Every waking (and sleeping) moment is precious and rewarding.

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Product Details
-A half day session
– Carefully edited images shared to you on an online gallery with rights to print
-A story book filled with your words on motherhood & photographs from our day together.

View example here. 
Please contact Victoria for pricing; victoria@victoriagloria.com